Soap on a Rope

Soap On A Rope

In the midst of cold and flu season, now is an opportune time to practice rigorous hand washing. Good hygiene starts with soap and water, but geeky soaps certainly make trips to the loo a heckuva lot more exciting. Some bar soaps come disguised as other objects, such as the realistic Bacon and Eggs Soaps, NES Retro Controller Soap, and the contradictory-to-logic Poop Soap. But overall, Hand Soap works hard to get us squeaky clean.

You’ve all heard those soap on a rope jokes and are probably tired of them by now. Well, this SOAP on a Rope is ready to reclaim it’s place in the world. Written in all caps, the soap is declaring its independence from bad jokes and is committed to doing its job.

There is an ongoing debate on which soaps are better, bar or liquid. Though it hasn’t exactly been resolved to my knowledge, the good thing about bar soaps is that they last longer, effectively take off bacteria and dirt, and can be molded into fun shapes.

When bar soap comes with a rope, you can hang it up in the shower or near the sink and fogettabout it.

Give Soap on a Rope a second chance by buying it at CB2 for $9.95 US.

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