St. Patty Cake Soap

St Patty Cake Soap

What kind of soap do choosy leprechauns use to get their hands and bodies clean as a whistle? A good guess would be Irish Spring. But there are other soaps that smell fresh, whisk germs away, and get hands tingly with luck. For example, here’s the shamrocky, cold process St. Patty Cake Soap.

Inspired by St. Patrick’s Day sugar cookies, the soap smells of vanilla and sugar. Shea butter and olive oil help get your hands soft and supple. The bar has special candy sprinkles along the edge, but you must resist the temptation of eating them. No matter how delicious the soap smells, all you have to do is remember Ralphie’s face from “A Christmas Story” when his mom shoves a bar of soap in his mouth for dropping the f-bomb. It’s not pretty.

St. Patrick's Day Soap - Cold Process Soap

Our “St. Patty Cake” soap smells like freshly baked sugar cookies. You can even smell the buttercream frosting and vanilla extract! The generous amount of vanilla oil makes the body of this soap a naturally deep brown color. We’ve added a white “frosting” top and decorated it with green sugar and shamrock candy sprinkles to create a beautifully sweet treat for your favorite leprechaun. This bar is made with skin-loving coconut, olive, palm, canola and castor oils. It is even superfatted with the highest quality shea butter. This soap won’t leave your skin feeling dry and the castor oil makes lots of creamy, bubbly lather.

  • Our “St. Patty Cake” soap is wrapped in shamrock green paper with and white ribbon.
  • Each bar weighs approximately 4.5 to 5.5oz.
  • Ingredients: water, coconut oil, olive oil, organic-sustainable palm oil, canola oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), *fragrance, shea butter, castor oil, titanium dioxide coloring, sugar, candy sprinkles
  • *Phthalate-Free & Nitro Musk Free Fragrance

There has been much dispute over whether anti-bacterial liquid hand soaps work better than good, ol’ fashioned bar soap for getting hands squeaky clean. I side with the theory that they are equal, and it basically just boils down to whatever you prefer. Clearly, the leprechauns know what’s best.

The St. Patty Cake Soap is $6 per bar at They can ship four bars for a flat shipping rate of $5.15 in the US.

If you’re more of a liquid soap person and like the luxurious feel of foamy soap, check out the Birdie Foaming Soap Dispenser. It comes in avocado green, and they say birds are lucky too.

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