Dodge Em Desktop Dodgeball Game

Dodge Em Desktop Dodgeball Game

A while back, GeekAlerts showed you the Zombie Desktop Bowling Game and thought you could have some creative fun with that.  Here is another desktop game that seems simple enough, but could really turn into a party favorite for all ages.  The Dodge Em Desktop Dodgeball Game brings one of our favorite games inside and tones it down a bit.  No longer are you trying to take your friends head off, now you are just trying to knock over one of these cute little 3″ school kids.

Dodge Em Desktop Dodgeball Game

Remember that schoolyard staple Dodge Ball, where one kid had the ball and everybody else had to “dodge?” Yes memories like that really remind Fred of why he hated recess. Well our Dodge ‘Em is a kinder, gentler version…and this time you’ve got the ball! Line up the target kids on a flat surface – desk, table, or floor – and see how many you can topple with each throw. We guarantee that this item will improve your aim, channel your frustration, and help heal your traumatized inner child. Dodge ‘Em is a set of 8 screen printed hardwood blocks measuring around 3″ x .5″ and a lightweight sponge-ball to knock ’em over with. Like all things FRED, this item is packaged in a beautiful printed clear box with frosted highlights.

Tell Billy to turn that frown upside down before you take him down with this Dodge Em Desktop Dodgeball Game available at from $9.  Here are some other fun desktop games: Zombie Shooting Gallery and USB Basketball Dunk Game.

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