Pathwords Word Game


Games are all sorts of educational these days, which is good news. It would be pretty sad if people only came up with games that encourage violence and zombie-killing, right? Pathwords isn’t only a fun game, but it also helps you (and your kids) learns some new words in the process.

Build a better vocabulary with Pathwords. It sort of reminds me of Word Boggle, a game me and my sisters used to play when we were much younger. The game comes with transparent, colored plastic pieces that they can use to place over a grid with random letters to form some words. This game would make a fine addition to the other board games that you play on Family Game Night, like the Awkward Family Photos Game.



Pathwords combines the word searching goodness that we know and love with the puzzly bits of games like Tetris. It comes with 40 challenge cards from Beginner to Expert. Place the puzzle pieces on to the selected challenge so the letters under each piece spell a word. Words are read forward or backward, no funny business! It’s a game that appeals to our gamer senses and scratches the mental itch of wanting a word puzzle. Great fun for ages 12 to adult.

  • Word puzzles, but way more extreme than word search
  • Combines word search with puzzle games like Tetris
  • 40 challenge cards in levels from Beginner to Expert

Pathwords is available online from ThinkGeek for $19.99.

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