Tetris Alarm Clock

Tetris Alarm Clock

There’s nothing harder then getting out of bed in the morning. Maybe a Tetris inspired clock will help you wake up. This Tetris Alarm Clock will help you out.

This homage to the classic Russian game features Tetrimino shaped buttons, 12/24 hour settings, snooze, backlight and the official Tetris theme music as an alarm. It’s everything a Tetris fan could want. Even the numbers on the clock face are made up of digital falling bricks, each one rotating into position as the time changes.

Tetris Alarm ClockTetris Alarm Clock

  • Tetris novelty digital alarm clock with Tetrimino shaped buttons on front
  • Tetriminoes falls into place as the time changes
  • Set alarm and clock using the black Tetrimino shaped buttons on the front
  • Alarm sounds like the Tetris theme music. Features 12/24 hour settings
  • Officially licensed Tetris merchandise based on the famous video game

This awesome clock is $39.29 from Firebox. If you love Tetris, it is a just own.

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