Smoke Alarm Clock

Smoke Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks probably aren’t selling like they used to back in the day. After all, there’s already an alarm functionality on most mobile phones, so why buy a separate alarm clock, right? Well, the people behind the Smoke Alarm Clock have already gone through that line of thinking, which is why they’re putting a smoke alarm right into this desktop alarm clock to convince you that you need to go out and buy it, stat.

For something that’s less than $50, this sure seems like a good deal. You don’t need to install any smoke systems on your ceiling or in every room (at least, in the rooms where you’ve got one of these Smoke Alarm Clocks, that is.) And if you’re the type of person who wants to play it safe, then you could double up your smoke protection by having the clock and installing a smoke alarm system in your home, too.

Smoke Alarm Clock

Smoke Alarm Clock

This amazing gadget tells you more than just the time. It also alerts you when there’s a the possibility of a fire. And that’s not all! Its dual-function and design makes it a great feature for any room.

The Smoke Alarm Clock just needs one AA battery to operate the clock and a 9V battery for the fire alarm, and it can either eliminate the need for a smoke alarm or double the protection with an existing smoke alarm.

  • Wall clock and smoke alarm in one
  • Contemporary and functional design
  • Ideal at home or at work
  • Stylish twist on boring smoke alarms

The Smoke Alarm Clock is available from Gizoo for $49. Also be sure to checkout the Fire Text Smoke Alarm, so you can get an automatic text message when there is a fire in your house.


    • The white flame in order to match the clock hands and numbers, the red flame suggesting fire, the blue flame suggesting blue-collared engineering?

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