Awkward Family Photos Board Game

Awkward Family Photos Board Game

Every family has their own awkward photos. That’s why the well known website is such a hit. We can all relate. Plus we just like to look at and laugh at awkward photos. If you like the website, now you can enjoy the new Awkward Family Photos Board Game.

You play using a 20 sided die in conjunction with some creative questions and of course some new and never before seen awkward photos.

Awkward Family Photos Board Game

The Awkward Family Photos Board Game is a favorite party game, which is based on the popular website and New York Times best-selling book. It features a large double sided game board and a 20-sided die, which makes it suitable for play for 4-6 players. The photos present in the double-sided board game depict some unforgettable moments that occurred during vacations, wedding, and holidays. Each photo has its own set of questions and a pad is given to write the answers. The Awkward Family Photos Board Game also includes 30 marker chips, six custom pencils, and set of instructions. Every time you flip over a photo, read aloud a fun open-ended loaded question, hilarity will ensue as players try to come up with the roller’s favorite answer. On the other hand, roller will have to guess which player said which answer’ in this unforgettable family/party game.

Perfect for your next family game night. The price is not awkward at all, and it is available at Amazon, Uncommon Goods, and Walmart.

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