Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Board Game

godzilla kaiju wars board game monster vs monster

Godzilla has finally shown up again and the people of this unlucky city are in for a battle.  Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Board Game puts monster vs. monster in a city wide battle to destroy everything.  Choose Godzilla, Rodan, Gigan, or King Ghidorah to do battle with.  You can play up to all 4 players at once battling each other, destroying the city and fighting against the city’s people as they try to ward-off your destruction.  The 24″ x 24″ board game has  many different scenarios that you can play and with the city buildings actually made of tiles and stacked several layers high, you can destroy them layer by layer.  Enjoy hours of fun battling with your favorite Kaiju and see if Gozilla still has what it takes to defeat the other beasts.

godzilla kaiju wars game pieces

In the Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Board Game all sorts of other things can happen – radiation can leak out, fires can start, and tanks can move in. Yes, even as you battle it out with other monsters, the humans will fight back, too! Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Board Game brings all out monster war to your table top. But make sure you clear a lot of room, because this game is as epic as a battle between Kaiju should be!

godzilla kaiju wars board game Godzilla, Rodan, Gigan, and King Ghidorah battle

Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Board Game

  • A board game that pits monster vs. monster (vs. monster vs. monster) in an epic war of city-destroying proportions.
  • This is a massive game, with multiple scenarios, so you’ll never get bored.
  • Actually build and then destroy (level by level) buildings as you play.
  • Includes a ton of stuff:
    • Game board
    • 4 fully painted, plastic Kaiju (Godzilla, Rodan, Gigan, and King Ghidorah)
    • 4 double-sided Kaiju status cards
    • 90 plastic stackable building tiles
    • 33 Event cards
    • 22 Combat cards
    • 25 Action cards
    • 11 Info cards
    • 19 Kaiju Condition cards
    • 2 6-sided dice
    • 86 cardboard tokens (Turn Order tokens; Tanks; Personnel Carriers; Gardens; Ponds; Fire; Radiation Zone markers; Single Story Buildings; and Destruction, Health, and Energy status markers)
    • Rule and scenario book
  • Dimensions:
    • Kaiju Playing Pieces: 2.375″ tall
    • Game Board: 24″ square

You can purchase the Godzilla Kaiju World Wars Board Game at ThinkGeek for $69.99 and at amazon from $51.44.  If board games are a favorite pastime for you and your friends, remember to checkout the Angry Birds Board Game and Doctor Who Monopoly.

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