The Inkless Metal Beta Pen

Inkless Metal Beta Pen

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed your pen the most–and it just ran out of ink? That has happened to me a lot of times, which has resulted in some checks remaining unsigned, some forms remaining unsubmitted, and a whole lot of work just going down the drain. Ever wished you had a pen that had an endless flow of ink? Well, now you can thank your lucky stars, because it has come in the form of The Inkless Metal Beta Pen.

From its name, you can already gather that it doesn’t need any ink to write at all. The tip is actually made from a special metal alloy tip. When you use it to write, what you see on the paper that resemble pencil markings isn’t ink at all; it’s actually trace amounts of the alloy being deposited on the page. And since only very little amounts are used up with each stroke of the pen, it can literally last your entire lifetime, making sure you won’t experience any more “Uh oh, my pen just ran out of ink!” moments.

Inkless Metal Pen

The Inkless Metal Beta Pen

The Inkless Metal Pen works on most any writing surface and is available in two styles: standard and keychain. The standard version features an anodized aluminum barrel in silver or black. The keychain version features a stainless steel barrel with screw-on cap, a keyring, and a metal gift tin.

Because it doesn’t require sharpening or refills, the Inkless Metal Pen is an amazing gift for artists or doodlers. Its “ink” is solid, so it will never leak, and it can be used upside down or under extreme conditions.

The Inkless Metal Beta Pen is available from Vat19 for $27.95. It’s available in two colors: classic black and in silver.


  1. I use this (the keychain variant) for about two years now and I can confirm it works. There’s a quiet but high-pitched sound when you move the pen over paper which makes the hairs in my neck come up, so it’s maybe not suited for writing an essay with it.
    On the positive side, it also works on wet paper and some other materials. The thread of the screw of the keychain version is all metal, with a rubber ring at the end which ensures you won’t lose it.

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