Inkless Graphite Quill

Inkless Graphite Quill

Texting and email are the modern ways to send out messages, thoughts, and opinions, but typing into a smartphone just doesn’t pack the elegance of older methods of laying down the written word. The Inkless Graphite Quill combines old-style elegance and charm with modern day convenience to create a truly unique writing experience.

I used to always think it was so cool to see pictures of writers using a feathered quill and an inkwell to put their thoughts on paper and I was excited when I had a chance to try that type of writing for myself during an old-world demonstration. Let’s just say the fantasy was better than the reality because reality can be messy.

Inkless Graphite Quill

Fortunately, we can now write with an elegant quill without having to worry about drips, smears, or spills by giving the feather quill a modern twist. While it looks like a feather, the Inkless Graphite Quill is actually a hand-sculpted piece of graphite that writes without leaving any messy smudges on your paper, hands, or clothes. Comfortably proportioned at 4-inches long and 1.5 inches wide, it fits perfectly in your hand, and you don’t have to worry about running out of ink because you’ll be able to write with this awesome little tool for up to nine years… and that’s if you write with it every day.

Take my word on it. If you want to give quill-writing a try, let the birds keep their feathers by using the Inkless Graphite Quill for $17.99 by ThinkGeek. Your hands and your clothes will thank you.

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