Garlic Zoom XL

Garlic Zoom XL

I love garlic in my food and the fried kind mixed with my peanuts, but chopping garlic? It’s not one of my favorite tasks, mainly because they tend to get a little bit sticky. But you’ve gotta do what you gotta do in the kitchen. But if you can do everything easier, then why not? And to ease your garlic chopping difficulties, there’s the Garlic Zoom XL.

Forget having to mince those cloves of garlic by hand. Just place the garlic inside then roll the Garlic Zoom XL on your counter and watch the garlic get chopped right before your eyes in the clear, acrylic window. The Garlic Rocker is a pretty good alternative to having to chop up your garlic cloves the manual way, too.

Garlic Zoom XL

Garlic Zoom XL

  • Vroom vroom! Chop your garlic the fun way with this gadget
  • Clear acrylic body with stainless-steel chopping blades
  • Place garlic cloves inside, then drive it back and forth on the counter
  • Fun for kids (the driving part! Don’t let kids near the blades inside.)
  • See-through design lets you see when garlic is chopped enough
  • No more smelly garlic hands

The Garlic Zoom XL is available from ThinkGeek for $14.99.


  1. Another kitchen “uni-tasking” gadget. I have a “slap and chop” for 3 years and it can do more than just chop garlic.

  2. You talk about a “uni-tasking” gadget, check out the Silpoura, it drains grease off hamburger, pours cupcakes now I just got one for my warm massage oil, they say it even pours paint!

  3. We stock the garlic zoom rocker and think it is a great little gadget, chops garlic with very little fuss. It’s a great little product

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