Borrow My Pen? Fun Pen Set

Borrow My Pen Fun Pen Set Fred and Friends

Don’t you just hate it when someone borrows your pen and “forgets” to return it afterward? While some people really do forget, others kind of forget on purpose. So if you’re thinking of some way to weed those pen filching colleagues and friends of yours, you have the Borrow My Pen? Fun Pen Set to help you do just that.

All of the pens in the Borrow My Pen? Fun Pen Set is unique and completely identifiable at a moment’s glance. Just take a closer look at what’s printed on them and you’ll know right off the bat that they’re your pens (unless they’ve got a set of these stashed on their desks too!)

Borrow My Pen Fun Pen Set

Borrow My Pen? Fun Pen Set

“Do you hate lending out your pens, only to have them disappear forever? Next time, reach for one of these. Hand ‘em out to your friends, your parole officer, your boss. Slip them into your co-worker’s pen caddy. ‘Accidentally’ leave one behind the next time your taxes are audited.”

With the Borrow My Pen? Set of 8 Pens, you’re guaranteed to leave a lasting—albeit embarrassing—impression. And you’ll definitely get your pens back this time.

The Borrow My Pen? Fun Pen Set is available for $6.99 at Vat19. You can also find it at World Market,, Perpetual Kid, Tillys, and BAM!

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