Dine Ink Pen Cap Utensils

Fred Dine Ink

Whoever is in the think tank of Fred & Friends has hit the multi-tasking nail on the head with this set of Dine Ink Pen Cap Utensils. Taking after the classic Bic ball-point pens we know and love, the pens in this set come with caps in the shape of a fork, knife and spoon, each doubling as a blue ball-point pen.

Pen caps are so easy to lose, but when they’re shaped like silverware you are more likely to find them.

Dine Ink Pen Cap Utensils

This product may also appeal to frequent international travelers who want to fill out their customs forms while enjoying a nice meal. But hmm, passing security would be quite the challenge. Scratch that. Busy moms or dads will definitely benefit from having a stash tucked away for when junior gets hungry for say, yogurt, ice cream, cereal or soup at some random public place.

So whether you’re at a lunch meeting, or don’t have time to sit down and have a real lunch because you are too productive at work, be prepared with a set of cutlery.

Pen Cap Eating Utensils

Dine Ink Features

  • Knife, Spoon, and Fork Pen Covers
  • Perfect for on-the-go eating and note taking
  • Set Of 3 Pens in Each Set

There’s also a feel-good factor that comes with using this set; you’d be using it over and over again, reducing waste and making the world a better place. The set of Dine Ink Pen Cap Utensils, which comes in a reusable plastic bag, is available at Amazon.

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