Ray Gun Pen

Ray Gun Pen

For those of you comic book fans who still rely on the functions of a ballpoint pen, the Ray Gun Pen could be the pen of your dreams.

Ray Gun Desk Pen
Ray Gun Pen

  • brass-aluminum ballpoint pen with sleek chrome and lacquer finish has a retractable twist roller ball mechanism and “gun sight” shaped clip
  • acrylic stand with velvet lining to protect desk
  • 5 ¼” long x ½” wide”

Designed by Ben Hall, the pen stand flaunts a primary yellow lightning bolt set against primary red that winks to the Shazam! days. When the characterized pen is placed on its stand, the duo forms the shape of a ray gun, shiny and menacing. When dismantled, the pen is ready to attack bills, lawsuits, mortgages, prenups, or anything grown-uppy that comes its way.

To zap all your problems away on paper, get the Ray Gun Pen at Red Envelope for the sale price of $79.99.

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And for more gun items that aren’t real guns at all, we’ve got the Jewel Gun USB Flash Drive, the Condiment Gun, and Handgun Shaped Ice Cube Trays…all things Quentin Tarantino would approve of.

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