Giant Robot Battle Fists

Giant Robot Battle Fists

When you want to have a fun fight, nothing beats having giant fists. Well, almost nothing. These Giant Robot Battle Fists will pommel any opponent. All in fun of course. These inflatable fists are comfortable, powerful and completely awesome. Technically you aren’t supposed to throw […]

battle designed mug

Tactical M4 Battle Mug

The Battle Mug is a mug fit for a warrior. It makes a great gift for a soldier. This mug is as tough and rugged as they are. It is made in the USA, constructed of solid 6061 T6 billet aluminum. Built to military specifications, […]

Chain Mail Shirt

Chain Mail Shirt

We talk a lot about zombie infestations and the possibility of a breakout happening at any point, but what do we really do about it? Have you read the Zombie Survival Guide Book? If not, then you better read So Now You’re a Zombie because […]


Desktop R/C Tank

These radio-controlled mini tanks – a camouflage model and a gray one – are designed to look like the Tiger I battle tank that were used by the Germans during World War II.