Godzilla Stomp Card Game

Godzilla Stomp Card Game

No one brings the destruction and mayhem like Godzilla. This Godzilla Stomp Card Game is all about citywide destruction. Players pick from Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mothra, Battra, or Destoroyah, and compete to smash as much of the city as they can.

Dream come true? Heck yeah! Players choose the ferocity and viciousness of their attacks from round to round to rack up as much destruction as possible. You can either attack early to smash a single building, or go on a rampage to destroy several at once.

A good strategy might be to destroy the high-value skyscraper, or to get a collection of power plants. You get 42 building cards and 30 monster-attack cards. Just $9.99 from Entertainment Earth and $9.19 at Amazon.com.

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