Shock Ball Shocking Hot Potato Game

Shock Ball Shocking Hot Potato Game

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. However, with the Shock Ball Shocking Hot Potato Game, getting hurt is actually what it’s all about.  Games that induce pain are not that outlandish or new. Take for example the classics such as Red Rover and Dodgeball. What gives the Shock Ball an edge is that it involves electrocution. When playing Hot Potato, the player in possession of the ball at the end gets punished. It stinks to be the loser getting the shock, but hilarious for all the other players not getting zapped. The Shock Ball adds another level of intensity because you’re fighting to win, but you’re also not about to let your fingers get fried. Ouch!

Shock Ball Shocking Hot Potato Game

  • The first game is HOT POTATO
  • The second game is WHOSE ROUND IS IT?
  • The third game is TOUGH GUY
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Glows bright Red or Blue when shocking
  • Assorted Colors (Sorry no color choice)

The Shock Ball is intended for ages 14 and up, so it’s strictly for grown-up geeks. It requires 2 AAA batteries but after that, there will be lots of laughing at someone’s expense.  Being tough can be defined in many ways. Who cares if you can’t make it through the Ironman Triathlon? Being able to tolerate pain through electric shock is another way to gain some admirable props. In “Tough Guy” mode, the one who holds the Shock Ball longest wins.

The Shock Ball Shocking Hot Potato Game is available on from $13.99.  If you want to stick to less painful games, checkout Nightmare Before Christmas Trivial Pursuit or Doctor Who Monopoly.

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