Lightnight Reaction Shocking Party Game

Lightnight Reaction - SHOCKING gaming

The Lightnight Reaction makes the perfect accompaniment when you’re playing Truth or Dare or one of those games that don’t really have rules that are set in stone. Think someone’s lying? Was someone unable to complete the dare assigned to him? Then no worries, the penalty is just one swift electric jolt care of the Lightnight Reaction.

But the Lightnight Reaction is already a game pretty much on its own–a game of speed and swiftness, that is. The point is to press the button on the controller once the light in the middle illuminates. If you’ve got a quick reaction time, then you’re pretty much safe from receiving any electric shocks from it.

Lightnight Reaction - SHOCKING gaming

Lightnight Reaction

Lightning Reaction is a party game for up to four players. Each player grabs a controller from the base unit. Then the waiting and staring begins. When the light in the middle of the base unit illuminates, be the first person to press the button on your controller. The fastest person is safe and the slowpokes get a shocking surprise. Well, it won’t be a surprise the second or third or fourth time… but it’s still fun!

  • A shocking game for up to four players
  • If you can react quickly, you won’t get shocked
  • This game is awesome for parties with people who like to 1-up you
  • Dial the shock up or down depending on how much you can handle

The Lightnight Reaction is available from ThinkGeek for $29.99.

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