Funglish Game


Funglish Game is a fun guessing game with a twist. It’s not like Pictionary, since no one’s going to be acting anything out. It’s not like the Morphology Board Game either, because no one’s forming any clues from the included set of props and build materials. Instead, what you’ll have in your arsenal are tiles with words that will point to the word that you want to have the other players guess.

You could say that the Funglish Game is all about the words and all about the figurative action. There are 120 tiles with descriptive words on them that you can use to guess over 300 secret words. The game is a fun break from all the other ones out there that require a lot of movement and screaming, in the case of the Lightnight Reaction Shocking Party Game.

Hasbro Funglish Game

Funglish Game

There’s no time to lose… so grab some clues! Can you get the other players to guess the word KANGAROO? You can’t talk or act— but you can find, grab and play just the right clues from 120 descriptive tiles as everyone shouts out their guesses. You play living, wild, and tall. Is it a Redwood? A giraffe? A basketball player? Nope. Keep playing tiles like furry, brown and bouncy. Once another player yells out KANGAROO, try a new word before time runs out! That’s the funny, noisy, unique, entertaining, magical, fast-moving fun of FUNGLISH! The word-guessing game that lets you express it and guess it with piles of tiles! Includes 50 cards, each containing 6 secret words — that’s 300 words for hours of guessing fun!

The Funglish Game is available from Entertainment Earth for $20.99 and at from $14.50.

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