Secret Agent Desktop Decoder

Secret Agent Desktop Decoder

It would be great fun to be a spy, except for all the extreme danger, dreadful conditions, and dreary loneliness. Fortunately, you can get the Secret Agent Desktop Decoder and pretend to be a covert operative without risking your life for real. The Secret Agent Decoder is a really cool looking desktop gadget that is sure to start conversations when people see in on your desk. Yet it isn’t just a slick looking decoration, it is actually a functioning spy message decoder.

Sure the message encoding is nothing that will confound the NSA, but it still is great fun to play with. This covert message decoder also makes a great gift idea for the wannabe spy in your life.

Calling all undercover agents. Our playful secret decoder desktop piece takes him back to childhood days of playing spies and decoding messages. Only this time, the secret home base is his office. Use the 26 coded cards together with the metal antiqued-finish decoder to reveal the secret message. The code cards list the definition of a spy term and he’ll use the decoder to decipher the term. An extra decoder and blank cards are included to write out his own secret messages to fellow undercover agents. A drawer pulls out with two compartments to hold code cards and business cards, making it the ideal desktop (and covert conversation) piece.

Secret Agent Desktop Decoder Box

Secret Agent Desktop Decoder Includes:

  • Metal and wood box with drawer, additional cardboard decoder and cards
  • A metal antiqued-finish decoder
  • Secret agent card with instructions
  • A paper decoder to pass to a friend
  • Answer cards
  • A pull out drawer with 2 compartments
  • 26 code cards
  • 24 blank cards to write out your own codes

Order the Secret Agent Desktop Decoder for only $24.99 from This is a great sale price, as it is over 58% off the regular price of $59.95.

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