Secret Agent Hand Sanitizer

Secret Agent Hand Sanitizer

The Secret Agent Hand Sanitizer, despite what you might expect, doesn’t explode.  It also doesn’t attract females, since you’re not actually a spy.  And, if you were a spy and you were any good at it, the girls wouldn’t know that you were a secret agent and therefore would not flock to you like a group of hungry seagulls to a chunk of bread.  

This geeky hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs upon contact, but I don’t really understand that statistic.  Does that mean that if you have 100 germs on your hand, only .01 of a germ will be remaining on your hand, or does it mean that out of 10000 germs, there’s one that it can’t kill?  Because if that’s the case, I’m scared – if you happen to get that one germ on you, you’re dead, your life is over, and the super germ is going to destroy your body.

Secret Agent Hand Sanitizer

  • Yes, a real hand sanitizer
  • Says “Clean enough for government work”
  • Kills 99.99% of germs on contact
  • With skin moisturizers
  • Active ingredient: ethyl alcohol 62% (antibacterial)
  • 1.69 fl oz (50 ml)

If you like the Secret Agent Hand Sanitizer, you can buy it from the Neatoshop for just $8.95.   

If you like to stay germ-free, so you should probably hop on over to the PorkKleen Hand Sanitizer to continue your reign over sickness.  If you do happen to get sick, there’s always the Remote Control Tissue Box.

Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a great site run by great people that rants about great geeky products.

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  1. As with most “99.99%” things, it probably does kill 100%, but they’re not allowed to say “100%” for some reason, so they have to say “99.99%”.

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