Spy Gear Goggles and Watch

Spy Gear Goggles and Spy Watch

When you’re wearing the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt while operating the R/C Spy Gyro Video Recording Helicopter, it’s the Spy Gear Goggles and Watch you’ll need for night vision and tools to complete your mission.

Spy Gear Goggles

  • blue-tinted lenses for night vision
  • two built-in, super bright blue LED lights
  • two yellow-tinted magnifying lenses
  • impact resistant, lightweight and comfortable
  • requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • 6”W goggles with adjustable straps
  • ages 6+

Spy  Gear Watch

  • ultimate communication technology
  • features 8 functions in 1 watch
  • safe drop message capsules and special spy paper
  • built-in night vision light
  • spy light with crosshairs
  • world time
  • stopwatch mechanism
  • 10”L wristband x 2”W face
  • ages 6+

You just never know when you’ll find yourself stuck in the dark needing to decode cryptic messages lettered in fine print. That’s why the LED-lit spy goggles and a 8-in-1 watch will help you finagle your way out of a bind. When a power outage strikes, you’ll want to have these goggles nearby for troubleshooting purposes.

Even if you’re not a real spy, this spy gear set lets you step into the shoes of one. How often do you get to see the world magnified through blue tinted lenses? The wristwatch informs you of what time it is in cities across the globe, in case your smart phone is out of reach or out of commission. The watch also has a spy light with crosshairs. My guess is that it’d communicate which object or person is being spied upon without using words.

Honestly though, the gear looks like it’s made for kids so if you know a 007-type kid who enjoys spending time in spy land, why not get him/her this set?

Best of all, the Spy Gear Goggles and Watch are half price and cost only $9.99 at Red Envelope.

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