Phone Charger Mini HD WiFi Streaming Spy Camera

Phone Charger Mini HD WiFi Spy Camera

This Phone Charger Mini HD WiFi Streaming Spy Camera is very discrete, so you can put it almost anywhere and capture or stream whatever is happening in high definition video. It looks just like a typical cell phone wall charger (and it functions as one too), but it actually has a tiny 1080p HD camera hidden in it.

In the past, spycams were often hidden in alarm clocks, because everyone had one in their bedroom (the location most preferred for hidden cameras.) These days, everyone has a cell phone, and it often serves as their alarm clock among many other uses. What has become ubiquitous is the cell phone charger wall warts, so it would not look out of the ordinary seeing one of these plugged into the wall of nearly any room of the house. The result is nearly undetectable surveillance.

HD WiFi Streaming Spy Camera

This HD WiFi Streaming Spy Camera from MIIGA features a PC client as well as apps for Android and iPhone, allowing you to view the live feed in real time on many different devices. It also has a micro SD card slot, so it can record the video for later viewing. Another feature is motion detection capability, so you can set it to record only when it detects action.

You don’t have to be up to any nefarious purposes to need a discreet surveillance camera either. You can use it to monitor children or pets to make sure they are safe. It can be used as a nanny cam to make sure the baby sitter is behaving, the housekeeper is working, and elderly care facilities are taking proper care of your loved one. These devices can also be used to provide security against theft.

Phone Charger Spy Camera

The tiny hidden camera lens is on the front of the  wall changer. If anyone even sees the little round lens, they would likely just assume it is an LED light to indicate charging. The USB port actually works too (although its low 0.5A output isn’t sufficient for the latest tablets), so plug in your phone for charging to make it look even less suspicious.

Mini HD WiFi Spy Camera

Phone Charger Mini HD WiFi Spy Camera Includes:

  • Phreilend Camera
  • SD Card Reader
  • PC Client
  • User Manual
  • Reset Needle

You can buy this Mini HD WiFi Streaming Spy Camera at Amazon. It currently has many 5 star reviews, but they look pretty suspicious. They may be fake reviews, so the camera might not actually be as good as its rating would indicate.

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