Puzzle Pod Cryptex

Puzzle Pod

Made by the creative group that designed the Vino Vault Wine Cryptex, the Puzzle Pod Cryptex allows for everyone to join in on the fun by providing a crytex pod that can be used to store all sorts of items for people of all ages…items need to fit though a 2-3/4” (70mm) diameter opening and can be up to 7-3/4” (197 mm) in length.Puzzle Pod Cryptex

Choose a secret word and follow the simple instructions and you’ll be able to turn gift giving or office parties into a Da Vinci Code themed event no one will soon forget. Change the secret code as many times as you like; the five tumblers, each having a 26 letter alphabet, provide you with just under 12 million code possibilities.

Design Your Own Treasure Hunt Game
You make up your own set of clues. The game can be simple or challenging, last one evening, a month, or longer. Time the delivery of your puzzle clues to allow the code to be broken on a specific date – birthday, anniversary, holiday, or special event. Clues to unlock the cryptex can be delivered any number of unique ways. The first clue might be a cryptic message written in the card given with your gift. Following clues could be emailed or placed on hidden notes left at home or office. Maybe your sets of clues will be linked through song titles or lyrics, novel passages, on websites, billboards, or left with friends and family. The possibilities are unlimited and open to your own imagination as to how the game “plays out.” There are no set rules. You design your game. Puzzle Pod Cryptex brain teaser allows you to create your own custom fun and adventure.

Look for the Puzzle Pod Cryptex to be available soon at Puzzle-pod.com.

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