Vino Vault Wine Cryptex

Vino Vault Wine Cryptex

If you’ve read “The Da Vinci Code” or seen the movie, you’re familiar with the cryptex. It’s basically a portable vault that works similar to a combination lock for a bicycle, where the dials have to be turned to spell the correct password to open the cryptex and access the contents. Now you can get a real working cryptex that locks up a bottle of wine with the Vino Vault.

The idea is that you can give a bottle of wine as a gift, locked inside the Vino Vault. Then it is up to your friends to guess the right five letter password, so they can actually access the bottle of wine. You can enjoy teasing them as you slowly provide clues and they puzzle over the correct password. Once they guess, the fun isn’t over, because they can reset the password and re-gift it to someone else with another bottle of wine.

Order the Vino Vault Brain Teaser Puzzle for $29.95 from and get the Spin The Bottle wine game set for free.

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