Wine and Champagne Glass Candles

Wine and Champagne Glass Candles

For your next wine and cheese party, set the tone for the evening by lighting Wine and Champagne Glass Candles that look and smell delicious. Just don’t attempt to drink them.

Wine and Champagne Glass Scented Candles

Wine and Champagne Glass Candles

  • Dimensions (Red Wine): 8.5″ x 4.25″ diameter
  • Dimensions (White Wine): 8.75″ x 3.75″ diameter
  • Dimensions (Champagne): 8″ x 2.25″ diameter
  • Scented (merlot, chardonnay, or white cake)
  • Hydrocarbon gel wax (non-toxic)
  • Zinc core wax wick
  • Burn time: 25 hours for Wine Candle, 20 hours for Champagne Candle
  • Heat-tempered stemware

Guests will think they’re stepping into a wine cave once you light the red and white wine candles. Naturally, the candles give off aromatic notes of fine wine; the red smelling like merlot and the white like chardonnay. If you’ve got a guest who’s not drinking any *expletive* merlot!, at least he won’t object to burning a glass of merlot. Another great feature the wine candles boast is their burn time; an amazing 25 hours.

Then before you declare it time to pop open a bottle of Dom, light up some champagne glass candles so that guests can anticipate what’s next. The champagne candles smell like white cake, an equally festive scent. (The scent of champagne must’ve been too difficult to replicate.) The champagne candle has bubbles in it to mimic the fabulous drink itself. However, since the champagne glass holds a smaller volume that the wine glass candles, it will last 20 hours.

No doubt you’ll have too much fun getting loopy, lose track of time, and eventually these candles will be ‘toast.’ But don’t get discouraged. Once you burn these candles to the bottom, just stick them in the dishwasher and use them as regular wine and champagne glasses for your next gathering.

The Wine Glass Candles are $19.95 each and the Champagne Glass Candles are $13.95 at

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