Edible Chocolate Birthday Candles

Edible Chocolate Birthday Candles

These Edible Chocolate Birthday Candles are really quite remarkable because even the wick is edible! Especially as you get older, it is hard to know what to do about candles on a birthday cake. Do you put just 1? Do you not put any? Surely, you don’t put 35 or 40 candles on a single cake! With these edible chocolate candles, you can put just 1 or 2, and it doesn’t seem so lame because these candles are big and impressive.

Instead of fighting over the piece of cake with the flower or other special slices, everyone will want the piece with the candle if you have these edible chocolate candles. Between the festive design, the Belgian chocolate, and the edible wick, everyone will want to have a taste.

Edible Chocolate Candles

Each pack of Edible Candles includes four succulent Belgian chocolate candles that each feature a one-sided festive design. They’re perfect for any celebration… even if the only thing you’re celebrating is the invention of chocolate candles.

Each candle is a solid piece of decadent belgian chocolate with a wick that lights just like a normal candle. After the birthday boy or girl blows out the flame, munch on the deliciously rich chocolate as a complement to your cake. And don’t worry if you bite off a piece of wick; the organic hemp is safe for consumption as well.

These delectable American-made candles are a birthday wish come true.

Buy Edible Chocolate Birthday Candles for $10.99 a set of 4 at Vat19.

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