Kaboom Candles

Kaboom Sparkle Candles

These are the candles that you should light up when you literally feel like exploding. The Kaboom Candles are bomb-shaped black candles with the word “Kaboom” printed all across it boldly in white. Light one up (but definitely don’t throw it at the person you have some sort of problem with) and just let your anger and anxiety melt away like the black wax on the candle.

Kidding aside, the Kaboom Candles are a quirky bunch of candles that you can actually use to top on birthday cakes and the like, because they’ll sputter, fizz, and sparkle once lit. Think of those cartoons that feature bomb-wielding and bomb-throwing cartoon characters–and now imagine having a miniature candle-version of those bombs right here. These candles rank way up there along the levels of the Mandles (Beer Bottle Candles) and Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Head Candle Set.

Kaboom Candles

Kaboom Candles

These Kaboom Candles are SOOOO CUTE! They’re an excellent edition to a birthday cake – especially for the boys! The cartoonlike black bombs nestle in nicely on your Victoria sponge or chocolate gateaux to jazz up your birthday cake a treat! Inside the box you get 6 x little bomb shaped candles that actually fizz and sparkle once lit. How cool is that? We hasten to add that Kaboom Candles don’t actually explode, they are strictly decoration!

  • Bomb-shaped cartoon candles
  • Fizz and sparkle once lit
  • Don’t worry – they won’t explode!

The Kaboom Candles are available from Red5 for £7.95 and at Perpetual Kid for $7.99.

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