WTF Prank Candles

Prank Candles

These WTF Prank Candles start like normal scented candles, offering a delicious scent to make the whole room smell nice. However, after an hour or two of burning, they suddenly switch to an awful putrid odor. The prankee will have no idea what hit them. Quite ironically what they were using to make the house smell better had a very opposite effect.

While the box contains the real details and instructions, once you take the candle out there are no clues that it is a prank. They are simply labeled with the “good” scent, so it’s easy to fool your target. There are two choices, one that starts out with a cereal scent and switches to stinky breath, and one with a soda scent that switches to body odor.

Cereal Prank Candle

On the outside these candles are all unassuming. They come in a pretty tin that you’d see in one of those stores that you have to flee from within 30 seconds of entering it because it smells like somebody accidentally shoved an entire juniper down the garbage disposal and basically weaponized the scent. With just a touch of lemon.

When you start burning these, they’re quite lovely. A fruity citrus emanates from one and a sugary sweet scent wafts from the other. Warm and inviting. Reminiscent of childhood, perhaps. And then a few hours in, everything goes wrong.

What’s that smell? Cereal Killer turns from a breakfast cereal scent to halitosis, and Mountain Doo Doo goes from refreshing soda to some serious B.O. Ironically, they’ll probably have to burn a candle to get the nasty scent to go away. Hey – maybe this one that says “Cereal” on it….

Soda Prank Candle

WTF Candles (Prank Candles)

  • Choose Cereal Killer (Cereal to Stinky Breath) or Mountain Doo Doo (Soda to Body Odor)
  • Scent goes suddenly from hero to zero after an hour or two of burning
  • Comes in a box that explains the prank nature of the product
  • Just remove the box, and the candle tin is labeled innocently with only the “good” scent
  • (Which means DO NOT SHIP this directly to the person you’re pranking)
  • 6.3 oz. candle has a hypothetical 40 hour burn time (but hopefully they won’t get much past 2 hours before figuring out what’s going on)
  • Dimensions: 3″ diameter x 1 3/4″ tall candle tin
  • Weight: 7.4 oz.
  • Materials: 100% soy wax, stearic acid, fragrance, and of course a wick
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive 

These WTF Candles are available exclusively at ThinkGeek for $12.99 each. Choose from Cereal Killer, which starts as a sweet breakfast cereal scent and changes to a bad breath smell, or Mountain Doo Doo, which starts with a soda scent and eventually switches to a body odor smell.

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