Rainbow LED Candles With Remote Control

Rainbow LED Candles

The lighting can affect the ambiance of a place a lot. There’s a reason why restaurants are usually dimly-lit and why fast food places are usually brightly lit. A place for romance and a place where you can get your chow down quickly (and respectively), perhaps?

With the Rainbow Candles With Remote Control, you can set the mood for your room easily. Put them in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or home office. Just use the remote to change the colors on these flameless wax candles.

An alternative to these LED candles are the Color Changing LED Bulbs.

LED Rainbow Candles With Remote Control

Rainbow Candles With Remote Control

  • Two flameless real wax candles
  • Twelve colors to choose from with a remote control
  • Approximately 50,000 hours’ glow time
  • Perfect indoors or outdoors

These LED Rainbow Candles are the perfect, long-term replacement. Made from real wax, these stylish candles light up in any of twelve colors. And you don’t just have to stick with one color…

With the included remote control, you can set your candles to move through the entire spectrum of colors. Plus, the remote control can be used up to twenty feet away from the candles themselves – perfect if you’re taking a soak and relaxing in the bath.

The Rainbow Candles With Remote Control is available from Gizoo for £29.95 ($47.)

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