Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday Nail Polish

Happy Birthday Nail Polish

It’s every girl’s dilemma… what color nail polish should I wear? When you wear Happy Birthday Nail Polish by Deborah Lippmann, you don’t have to decide on one color because you can wear every color of the rainbow and then some. Your nails will never look more festive […]

Lego Wheel

Happy 50th Birthday LEGO Wheel!

We have been building with LEGO for a long time now. The amount of LEGO structures that have been built by man probably exceeds the amount of actual structures built by man.  This month marks a major milestone for LEGO. The company is celebrating the […]

Pi Holiday Wrapping Paper

Pi Wrapping Paper

Some people believe the wrapping paper is as important, if not more important, than the actual gift itself. If that sounds like your significant other(s), then you better get the Pi Wrapping Paper. This wrapping paper shows that you not only took the time to […]

Lit Doobie Happy Birthday Candles

Lit Happy Doobie Candles

At GeekAlerts we love the clever products from Fred & Friends. They’re always coming up with fun stuff, like these Lit “Happy Doobie” Candles. Sure they can be used on a birthday cake at your next birthday party, but there are reasons to celebrate everyday. […]

Love Tokens

Love Tokens

Here is a great gift for a guy or gal in a relationship.  The Love Tokens can help smooth any rough situation and can always add some excitement to a slow night.  Personally, I find these to be a great “get out of the dog […]

blokz candles

Blokz Party Candles

Birthdays are always fun and everyone enjoys getting cool stuff.  This time around stick the Blotz Party Candles on the cake to give the birthday boy or girl a little something extra.  LEGO and building block fans will really appreciate this, especially if they’re any […]

Connect 3 Candy Game

Connect 3 Candy Game

Mom always said “Don’t play with your food.” However, we’re not kids any more and we can do what we want. Besides, with the Connect 3 Candy Game, you’re supposed to play with your food…or at least your Smarties candy.


Happy Birthday, LEGO!

The Danish toy firm LEGO turns 75 today. Happy birthday from GeekAlerts! Featured below is a compilation of carefully selected LEGO bits of joy: Nathan Sawaya – a master of amazing LEGO creations. Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector’s – biggest LEGO set ever made. Zip Zip […]