Love Tokens

Love Tokens

Here is a great gift for a guy or gal in a relationship.  The Love Tokens can help smooth any rough situation and can always add some excitement to a slow night.  Personally, I find these to be a great “get out of the dog house” device.  If I do something good, the girlfriend gives me a token and I hold on to it until I really need it.  When the time comes (and it always does) that I find myself in some trouble for something I did or didn’t do, I pull out the token…It usually helps smooth things over, especially when it’s good for one massage!

Love Tokens and Messages

These 10 Love Tokens aren’t just useful for men.  Women, when your man is too busy watching football to pay attention to you, just pull out your desired token and let the fun begin…He will always honor the token since he knows he will have to use it at some crucial time also.

Love Tokens

  • 1 x Red (velvet feel) bag with red cord.
  • 10 x Love tokens (each token has writing on both sides, and has a cut-out shape in the center):
  • 2 x Kiss token – Good for one kiss (cut-out is a love heart).
  • 2 x Massage token – Good for one massage (cut-out is a hand).
  • 2 x Good Morning token – Good for breakfast in bed (cut-out is a cup of coffee).
  • 2 x Love token – Good for one roll in the hay (cut-out is a love heart).
  • 2 x Hug token – Good for one hug (cut-out is a love heart).
  • The tokens are approximately 2.5cm in diameter.
  • Velvet Bag is approximately 10cm (H) x 8cm (W).

You can purchase the Love Tokens at Firebox for $14 with free delivery.

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