Champagne Cork Stool

Champagne Cork Stool

I have yet to meet a person who dislikes champagne. It’s such a special drink that you cannot even call it ‘champagne’ unless it has been produced within the lands of Champagne, France. Snooty, snooty! In addition to its sparkly appearance and good taste, we love it for being the highlight of joyous occasions like New Year’s Eve, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, getting hired, promotions, weddings, graduations, and times of victory. As Napoleon Bonaparte best put it, “In victory, you deserve champagne. In defeat, you need it.” Since geeks are definitely winners, we need the Champagne Cork Stool to bring joy and festive vibes to our homes.

Champagne Cork Stool

Champagne Cork Stool

EXCLUSIVE! What once was small (and popped out of a bottle) is now made large. Crafted of real cork from Portugal, stool is shaped exactly like a champagne stopper. The top is printed with CHAMPAGNE FRANCE. Lightweight, sturdy extra seating, it also serves as a footstool and a witty decorative accent.
13-1/4″ diameter, 19-1/2″ high.

Supposedly, the cork itself doesn’t have to come from France at they say it’s from Portugal. Everyone can use an extra stool in the house. Especially at less than 2 feet high it could easily be stored under coffee tables and end tables and brought out when you have a full house; more than likely for big celebrations.

Champagne Cork Table and Chair

Not only is it light, but it won’t scratch the floors. Cork is tough and can stand up to reasonable amounts of abuse. It probably has great shock absorbency; not that I can think of any instances where that would matter in a footstool’s case. I wouldn’t recommend buying this stool if cats or dogs rule your home, because like Napoleon, they will be the first to attack and conquer it.

The Champagne Cork Stool is $199 at and £99 at (Both models seem to be similar with only the writing on the top being different.) also sells a matching Champagne Cork Side Table for £110.

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