Deus Champagne Beer

Deus Champagne Beer

Those who didn’t know any better in the past, they would mix their drinks to produce dreadful and terribly drunken results. Case in point? Mixing up some beer and champagne usually results in waking up the next day and feeling like the next 24 hours isn’t your life, but rather, just some really long scenes from The Hangover. But when the mix is done right,  as it is in the Deus Champagne, then my oh my, you’ve got yourself a treat tonight.

The Deux Champagne is like something that’s too good to be true. I remember back in college when some of my friends and I would try to create our own mixes and wake up the next day with blank minds. Now you don’t have to go through that experience; instead you can get the same delicious taste in this masterfully brewed concoction without the next day sickness.

Deux Champagne

Created with the sophisticated beer drinker in mind, this potent yet sophisticated brew is matured in the Champagne region of France where it undergoes a similar fermentation process to bubbly. Once bottled it’s left in a cellar to age for nine months at 12C and is even tilted and rotated, champers-style, before its poptastic cork is inserted.

  • Brewed in Belgium and matured in the Champagne region of France
  • Medium bodied and effervescent, complex, flowery-biscuity, Blond Bière Brut

The Deux Champagne is available from Firebox for $32.

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