Password Vault

Password Vault

Our lives are filled with passwords, and it’s way too easy to get locked-out of your own world if you happen to forget any of those special words. The Password Vault makes things a little easier by keeping track of your passwords for you.

Sure, you could probably save those all-important words on your phone, tablet, or home computer, but you run the risk of being hacked because of that pesky Internet connection that puts you in touch with everything 24/7.

This handy little digital device keeps your info offline, and it stores passwords, usernames, and ATM PIN numbers securely. The QWERTY keyboard lets you search for specific information, and a built-in flash memory keeps the passwords in memory if the three AAA batteries (required) happen to die.

While the vault will keep track of most of your passwords for you, there’s one password you still have to be responsible for: the password for the vault itself, and you will not want to forget that one because playing a guessing game and getting it wrong will lock you (and everyone else) out of the vault completely for 30 minutes. Great if you’re worried about some stranger taking a stab at your accounts; not so great if you hit a wrong key while trying to access your own information.

Password Vault
4 3/4″ W x 3 1/2″ D x 1″ H. (3 oz.)

The Password Vault is available for $49.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer and $41.95 at

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