Quad Lock- iPhone Case Mounting System

Quad Lock

With so many Apple device apps on the market and new ones being created every day, it only makes sense that you are going to want to keep your iPhone as close to possible at all times. The Quad Lock – iPhone Case Mounting System designed by Rob Ward & Chris Peters, allows you to not only keep your iPhone close and secure, it allows it be to functional no matter how extreme your activity is.

Quad Lock - iPhone Case Mounting System

Mountain biking happens to be one of my favorite activities, and as you’ll see from the video, the Quad Lock has no problem securely holding your iPhone mounted in place as your ride the trails. Why spend hundreds of dollars on extra electronic gadgets when your iPhone can do it all…as long as you give it a chance.

Quad Lock Mount for iPhone

The Quad Lock Mounting System isn’t only for outdoor activities, it can easily help you around the home or office. Set the mount up in the kitchen or at your desk area so you can stay informed and know where your iPhone is at all times…If your desk looks anything like mine, having a place to secure your phone is a very good idea!

Quad Lock Mounting System

The Quad Lock Pro bar mount utilizes a two stage locking action that can be used to mount your iPhone in environments that require a more secure mounting arrangement such as road cycling, MTB, motorbikes and even ultralight aircraft. The two stage locking system securely locks the case to the mount preventing any accidental release from knocks or bumps. Like the ST mount the Pro mount allows for both portrait and landscape viewing.

The Quad Lock ST flat mount is the standard mounting option which can be fixed to any flat surface with either the supplied sticky back adhesive disc or more permanently by using a single fixing screw (not supplied). It allows for both portrait and landscape viewing with a single twist of the wrist. Small, unobtrusive, quick and easy to install.

Quad Lock – iPhone Case Mounting System is a Kiskstarter program and needs your help to become a reality. They are looking to have $20,000 in pledges by January 15, 2012 and are well on their way. Take a look at the different pledge packages they have available and see how you can help.

Update: Quad Lock mounting systems are now available to buy at QuadLockCase.com.

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