Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition Game

Pass the Pigs Pig Party! Edition Game

So picture this: you’re at a boring party, the guests look like they can’t wait to leave, and even the cater waiters appear to be dozing off by the punch bowl. Well, liven up the party with the Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition Game, no matter what the occasion is for the party. I mean, it’s a game about passing pigs around for crying out loud. Surely it can at least beat some of the boredom, if not all?

The goal of Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition Game is simple: all you have to do is pass the pigs! And since it’s the party edition, up to four players can play while you can set up a queue (or better yet, get more sets) for the rest of the guests.

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Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition Game

Now up to 4 players can play all at once with Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition! Four pairs of Pigs are included. It’s Pass The Pigs and more! More pigs, more points and more fun! For ages 7 and up, and 2 to 4 players. Contains 8 pigs (4 pairs), deck of 30 Pig Roll, bonus and point cards, zippered carrying case and illustrated instructions.

The Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition Game will be available from Entertainment Earth in January 2012 for $12.99 and is available at from $16.98 right now.

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