Pig Snout Mug

Pig Snout Mug

Here’s the perfect gift for anyone that’s ever called you a pig because the Pig Snout Mug will let you have the last laugh every time you take a drink.

Sometimes it’s good to be a pig so why dispute facts if people slap that label on you? Revel in your porcine awesome and show your friends (and possibly your family) how right they are by transforming yourself into a truffle-hunter with every sip of coffee you drink. You’ll have a pig snout added to your features each time you raise the cup, removing the need for plastic surgery to bring the image to life. After you down your beverage of choice, you can even complete the illusion by going outside and wallowing in the mud.

The eye-catching ceramic mug, with nostrils and lips on the bottom to complete the realistic snout detail, holds up to 12 ounces of your favorite drink and it’s dishwasher safe… which might not be too important if you’re a pig.

Change your name to Bacon (or Babe or Charlotte) and get the Pig Snout Mug for $12.95 from BaronBob.com.

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