1-Upcake Cupcake Molds

1-upcake cupcake mold

The 1-Upcake Cupcake Molds are the perfect way for any baker to easily and quickly create some Mario-themed treats!  This set of four silicone cupcake molds makes baking some 1-Up muffins and cupcakes a snap, and gives you the option of choosing from four different colors.  With the bottom half already done for you, you could focus on spicing up your work of art with some frosting that tastes like bacon to make it look more like the mushroom that adds to your life count.

1 Upcake Cupcake Mold

Finding this in a packed lunch would put a smile on the face of any little geek.  Also, any big geek who still makes his wife put together a lunch for him.  Not naming any names, but if you’re reading this, honey, I’d like some 1-Upcakes please.  

1-Upcake Cupcake Molds
Creating the perfect retro cupcake? It’s a piece of cake with the 1 Up Cake Mold. Create muffin and cupcake for your favorite gamer – it’s sure winner!

  • Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave-safe
  • Material: Non-stick silicone
  • Size: 3-1/2″ dia. x 2 cm (9 cm dia. x 5 cm)

1 Upcake Cupcake

You can pick up your set of four 1-Upcake Cupcake Molds for roughly $10 from the Neatoshop, which carries all of those fun things that make your dopamine levels shoot upwards.  If you’re looking for another fun cupcake item, then go ahead and check out the Cupcake Bath Bombs, which definitely don’t explode.  Maybe.

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