Bacon Frosting

Bacon Frosting

I had a scrumptious breakfast today that consisted of several slices of bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, and a hot cup of coffee. Bacon has always been my favorite breakfast food; I even have it sometimes for lunch or dinner because I just can’t get enough of it.

I’m not at the point (yet) where I will start to wear the Bacon Scarf around my neck or hang the Bacon Ornament on my tree this year, but I just might top the next cupcake I eat with Bacon Frosting.

Bacon, by itself, is delicious and absolutely mouth-watering. But Bacon Frosting on top of a sweet cupcake, I’m not so sure. But for the love of bacon, I dare say it’s worth a try. (Plus you can actually also use it to prank other people, because it looks just like regular red frosting.)

Bacon Frosting
Bacon Frosting

Bacon Frosting is just what you’d expect. It’s frosting that tastes like bacon. It’s a pretty red color, and squeezes right out of the tube and onto your cake, cupcake, tongue, etc. The perfect finisher for any pastry decoration, Bacon Frosting will never let you down.

  • Each tube is full of red bacon-flavored frosting.
  • Perfect for any pastry, confection, snack, kinky bacon game, etc.

The Bacon Frosting is available from ThinkGeek for $4.99.

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