Bacon Flavored Frosting

Bacon Frosting

I had a scrumptious breakfast today that consisted of several slices of bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, and a hot cup of coffee. Bacon has always been my favorite breakfast food; I even have it sometimes for lunch or dinner because I just can’t get enough […]


Strawberry Chocolate Cake USB Hub

Yes, it’s yet another one of those tasty looking food inspired USB hubs. This 3-port model is shaped like a chocolate covered cake with some juice strawberries placed at the top. Strawberry Chocolate Cake USB Hub USB 2.0 3 USB ports Vivid strawberry and cake […]


Mooncake USB Flash Drive

It’s funny flash drive Friday and you are given the opportunity to start making backups of your most important files on a 4GB memory that looks like a mooncake – a Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival.