Bacon Platter

Bacon Platter

I remember the good old days when I would wake up to wonderful aroma of bacon cooking in the pan as I made my way to the table. That was when my mother still cooked breakfast and I was still in elementary school, but anyways… What’s better than a plateful of bacon for breakfast? A plateful of bacon on the Bacon Platter, that’s what!

You can actually serve up anything you want on the Bacon Platter, it’s just that, you know, I love bacon and that’s probably the first thing you’ll think of presenting on the platter because of how it looks. While we’re on the subject of bacon, check out the Old Fashioned Bacon Candy, Bacon Scarf, and Bacon Frosting as well.

Accoutrements Bacon Platter

Bacon Platter

  • Ceramic platter shaped like strips of bacon
  • Raised edges hold a mighty mound of meat and prevent grease from dripping out
  • Serve up your next heaping helping of bacon on this fancy Bacon Platter!
  • Each 10 1/4-inches long x 6-inches wide ceramic platter is large enough to hold a mighty mound of meat and features slightly sloping sides so that the grease will collect in the bottom.

The Bacon Platter is available from Neatoshop for $19.45. It’s also available from Amazon for $19.91.

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