Wheel of Portion Cake Platter

Wheel of Portion Cake Platter

If you have a hard time portioning out the right sized slice of cake, let the Wheel of Portion Cake Platter solve the predicament. 

From heart ache to heroics, there’s a slice for every moment on this perfectly portioned ceramic cake plate. Take charge of your desserts because the choice is all yours. In fact, it’s a piece of cake. Ceramic. Measures about 12″ x 12″ x 2.5″

Cake Platter Wheel of Portion Size Chart

On this colorful platter with orange pedestal, you will be able to serve yourself the portion of cake that best suits your needs. Whether you’re eating cake as a midnight snack, sharing a slice with someone, or need “just a sliver,” all you have to do is follow the lines marked on the platter. If you don’t really know which slice defines which eater, perhaps just gather folks around and give the “wheel” a spin. Whoever is lined up with the itty bitty diet slice might as well spin again or lose a turn.

Though it is meant for cakes, you can also use the platter as a guide for pizza and pie. The platter has simple but to-the-point graphics to eliminate any confusion or to help those who can’t read.

There’s always a reason and a season for cake, so be prepared and have this quirky Wheel of Portion Cake Platter on hand. You can find it at Fred Flare for the sale price of $19.99.

Why not grace your Wheel of Portion Cake Platter by placing a peace sign cake on it? Check out the silicone Peace of Cake Pan. There’s nothing that provides inner peace like cake does.

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