Pig Buddies USB Hub

Pig Buddies

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what these Pig Buddies are. The sow is basically a USB hub, while the tiny piglets are the flash drives. Store your data, files, and other work and personal documents in the tiny piglets which are as adorable as piglets can be.

And when you’re ready to access your data, just plug them into their momma (aka. the USB hub) and type away.

Pig Buddies

The Pig Buddies are a concept design by We Play God. It’s a shame they didn’t get these into production, because I know a lot of people are lining up to get their hands on this thing.

UPDATE September 2013: You can now purchase the Pig Buddies USB Hub at Amazaon.co.uk for £19.99.


  1. Ryan, i was wondering if you were considering putting them into production, i have a friend who could use some cheering up right now and they would be ideal?..would you consider selling your demo model as a once off ?…thanks for considering this …take care Cheryle

    • That includes the hub and 3 TF card readers. Allowing you to shop for your own TF card reader GB memory at the best available price. Dont be cheap Garry thats a awesome deal!

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