Pig Snout Mug

Pig Snout Mug

August 27, 2012 Marty Shaw 1

Here’s the perfect gift for anyone that’s ever called you a pig because the Pig Snout Mug will let you have the last laugh every time you take a drink. Sometimes it’s good to be a pig so why dispute facts if people slap that […]

Slicey the Pig Dashboard Wiggler

Slicey The Pig Dashboard Wiggler

May 14, 2012 Jack Kieffer 0

Slicey The Pig Dashboard Wiggler is a product for all of us bacon-loving geeks who were waiting for something that would give us nightmares for weeks.  Bacon Rugs?  Not very scary.  Comfortable, yes, but not frightening.  Slicey the Pig?  I’m going to wake up screaming […]

Pig Cooking Lid

Pig Cooking Lid

March 5, 2012 Hazel Chua 0

Does your pan have a lid a face? I’m guessing it doesn’t. But you could make it have a face by replacing your current lid with the Pig Cooking Lid. There isn’t much to say about the lid, really, because you can see what it’s […]

Pet Pig Computer Mouse

Pig Computer Mouse

February 16, 2012 Hazel Chua 2

The Crocodile USB Optical Mouse doesn’t bite, and neither will this Pig Computer Mouse. I’ve been thinking of getting a teacup pig ever since I saw that rerun of Babe a few weeks ago, but obviously I can’t, since I’m strapped for time as it is and […]

Bunny Fun for Feet Slipper Socks

Bunny, Pig and Frog Fun for Feet Slipper Socks

February 5, 2012 Ryan Cooper 0

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more comfortable than lounging around inside in super-soft comfortable slippers. For the guys there are many cool choices including Batman, Superman, and Cthulhu slippers. However, for people that like cute animals, it doesn’t get much better than these Fun for […]

Pig Buddies

Pig Buddies USB Hub

January 29, 2012 Hazel Chua 19

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what these Pig Buddies are. The sow is basically a USB hub, while the tiny piglets are the flash drives. Store your data, files, and other work and personal documents in the tiny piglets which are as […]

Creepy Pig Mask

Creepy Pig Mask

January 16, 2012 Conner Flynn 0

Looking to pull a great practical joke? Why not wear this Creepy Pig Mask and scare the pants off of your friends and co-workers. It looks pretty demented and scary. It should look scary. Pigs have been getting sliced up for bacon for way too […]

PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer

PorkKleen Bacon Scented Hand Sanitizer

December 14, 2011 James Kelly 0

Do your hands smell like meat? Do you want them to? Oddly enough, some of you out there are saying Yes and Yes to those first two questions. If this happens to be you or someone you know, then you need to get PorkKleen Bacon […]

Pass the Pigs Pig Party! Edition Game

Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition Game

December 5, 2011 Hazel Chua 0

So picture this: you’re at a boring party, the guests look like they can’t wait to leave, and even the cater waiters appear to be dozing off by the punch bowl. Well, liven up the party with the Pass the Pigs Pig Party Edition Game, […]

Red Angry Birds Dodge Ball

Angry Birds Dodge Balls

November 15, 2011 Ryan Cooper 1

Some things are just a natural fit, like the Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cube Trays. While there is a ton of Angry Birds Merchandise out there, most of it just seems to be taking advantage of the extreme popularity of this game. On the other […]

Once Bitten Toothbrush Holder

Once Bitten Animal Toothbrush Holders

October 25, 2011 James Scott 0

Once Bitten Animal Toothbrush Holders are perfect for people that love cute animals and need a way to keep their toothbrushes off the counter. Each animal head in this set has a mouth at one end, which is great for holding a toothbrush, comb, pen, […]


Emtec Animal Series USB Flash Drives

April 15, 2011 Ryan Cooper 1

Loyal GeekAlerts readers know that USB flash drives come is all designs and shapes, from Angry Birds and Tron Light Cycles to Ice Cream Bars and Beer Bottles. Now with the Emtec Animal Series USB Flash Drives, you can add a cute cow, pig, and […]

Speakal Cool iPig Portable Speaker Dock

Speakal Cool iPig Motion-Controlled Speaker Dock

March 8, 2011 Ryan Cooper 1

Today Speakal announced that their new Apple-certified speaker dock, the Speakal Cool iPig Motion-Control Portable Speaker Dock, is available to buy at Amazon.com. We posted about the Cool iPig before, which is a follow-on to the original iPig, but now we have better pictures and […]

Fridgeezoo Friends

Fridgeezoo Refrigerator Fridge Friends

February 21, 2011 Ryan Cooper 0

Add some fun to your refrigerator with Fridgeezoo Fridge Friends. They look like some of your favorite animals in the shape of a milk carton, and you put them in your refrigerator. Each time you open the fridge door you get a nice greeting, but […]

Cool iPig Speaker Dock

Pig iPhone Speaker Dock

December 10, 2010 Robert Birming 0

You might remember the Pig Speaker that was released a couple of years ago. A follow-up to that model is now out, named the Cool iPig, and this time it comes with iPod and iPhone docking and charging capability.


USB Animal Hand Warmer and Massager

October 31, 2008 Robert Birming 1

This two animal inspired gadget combos, available in the shape of a pink pig and a green frog, connects to your computer’s USB port and can help you with two things: heating up your frozen fingers and loosen those unwanted muscle tensions.


Earbuds Shaped Like Ducks, Flies and Pigs

September 22, 2008 Robert Birming 1

Ladybug In-Ear Headphones – that’s yesterday’s news. This new line of earbuds also allows you to listen to the music through a couple of ducks, two flies or a pair of pigs. Select from an array of wacky styles, each compatible with devices with a […]


Wooden Animal USB Drives

August 26, 2008 Robert Birming 1

The Japanese company Marubeni InfoTech has released a beautiful line of wooden USB drives that looks like animals – kind of like a playful version of those “realistic” looking Animal USB Drives that we saw earlier this year.


Pig Speaker

July 22, 2008 Robert Birming 5

The pig-shaped speaker comes with a green LED light placed in its mouth and it connects to MP3 and CD players, PDAs and other digital products using a standard 3.5mm stereo audio plug.