Pass The Bomb Game

Pass The Bomb Game

Put some life into the party by playing a round of Pass The Bomb. Contrary to the name of the game, it isn’t a violent game nor does it involve any real bombs. It comes instead with a fake bomb that players pass on to one another. When the bomb explodes, the player who’s holding it must collect the card.

The goal in the Pass The Bomb Game is to have the least number of cards at the end of each round. So if you’re looking for a fun word game that’s also got a little bit of action, then this is definitely the one for you.

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Pass The Bomb Game

The pressure is ON in this fast-action word game. The player who’s holding the bomb when it blows collects the card. After 13 cards have been used, the player with the fewest cards wins.

  • A fast-action word game
  • The player with the fewest cards wins
  • Ages 12 to adult
  • For 2 or more players

The Pass The Bomb Game is available from Amazon for $18.48.

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