GeekCook Bamboo iPhone 4 Case Review

Bamboo iPhone Case

Geek Living is a cool site that offers some products that you can’t easily find outside of Asia. They’re also cool because they sent GeekAlerts a sample of one of these products, allowing us to complete this hands-on GeekCook Bamboo iPhone 4 Case Review.

You don’t have to be a hipster to like bamboo. It is strong and durable, yet is also very eco-friendly as it grows quickly without the need for pesticides or fertilizer. Bamboo also has a very warm and chic appearance, attractive to geeks, hipsters, and jocks alike. We’ve seen some other bamboo products here on before, such as the Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse, but this GeekCook Bamboo iPhone 4 Case is something we never spotted before.

GeekCook Bamboo iPhone Case

Overall the GeekCook Bamboo iPhone Cover is very nice and quality is evident throughout the fit and finish. All edges and corners are smooth and rounded, and it fits the iPhone 4 perfectly. The natural grain pattern of the bamboo looks very nice and is free from blemishes.

GeekCook Bamboo iPhone 4 Case

Installing the Geek Cook iPhone 4 cover couldn’t be easier. The case comes in two sections, and you simply slide your phone into one piece and then put on the other. Since the iPhone fits snugly along the edges and the black velvet pads provide soft friction on back, the case simply stays on firmly with nothing else required.

GeekCook iPhone 4 Bamboo Cover

With the GeekCook iPhone 4 Bamboo Cover, you have easy access to all the jacks and controls. As you can see from the picture below, precise slots are cut to provide easy access to the on/off button, headphone jack, volume controls, and 30-pin dock connector. There are also holes to provide unobstructed sound passage to the built-in mic and from the built-in speaker.

GeekCook iPhone 4 Bamboo Case

We did find one problem with the Geek Cook bamboo case that was significant, but easily fixed. Remember when the iPhone 4 first came out and many of the cases had a design flaw that caused glare when taking pictures with the flash? The cases had a keyhole shaped hole for the camera lens and flash light, and since the case edges were a little too close to the bright flash, they reflected light back causing glare. Most case designs quickly moved from the keyhole shaped hole to a stretched circle shape, fixing the problem by providing a little more space around the flash bulb. Unfortunately, this case still has the keyhole shape, and exhibited poor image quality due to glare on flash pictures.

However, since the case is made of bamboo, it can easily be modified just like wood. An X-Acto blade, sharp knife, or even a box cutter can be used to trim the edges to make the hole bigger around the flash bulb. If you have a Dremel tool like I do, it is even easier to fix. In just two minutes I was able to fix the problem using a grinding stone attached to the Dremel. As you can see by the before and after shots below, the results of this quick 2-minute job look great, without looking hacked.

GeekCook Bamboo iPhone Case Flash Hole Fix

GeekCook Bamboo iPhone 4 Cover

  • Made ​​of 100% bamboo – Low-carbon, eco-friendly
  • Low profile design – Express individuality
  • Narrow-edge design – Doesn’t rub iphone screen protection film
  • Attached black velvet inside, to prevent friction, fit your iphone 4(s) seamlessly.
  • Recessed buttons at one side, easy for thick fingers to operate.

GeekCook Bamboo iPhone 4 Cover

If you want a quality case made of natural materials, the GeekCook iPhone 4 Bamboo Cover is an excellent choice. It is available for $39 at


  1. Dear Ryan, thank you very much for your genuine review, but the price is actually $39 not $39.99, hope you can correct it. 🙂


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