Scosche RAILkase iPhone Case Review

Scosche RAILkase iPhone 4 Case Review

We first saw the Scosche RAILkase last summer, when it came out for the iPhone 4/4s. Now there are also versions available for the iPhone 5, and we take an in-depth look at this case in this Scosche RAILkase iPhone Case Review. Although our review sample happens to be for the iPhone 4/4s, it should apply equally to the iPhone 5 version, since it the same design, materials, and construction, just a different size to perfectly fit the iPhone 5 dimensions.

As is becoming common with the better cases, the RAILkase uses two materials. The base layer is silicone, and Scosche very generously provides this in both black and white so you can use the one you like to match or contrast with your phone color. This layer is what cushions your iPhone, absorbing the shock when it is dropped.


The second layer on the Scosche RAILkase is a thin band of aircraft grade aluminum that surrounds the phone. Although thin and light, this part of the case is strong and rigid, providing protection. While getting a phone in and out of some cases is difficult, with this one it is super easy. There are hinges that allow you to wrap the aluminum shell around the phone and snap it closed. Push the release button if you want to remove the case.

Scosche RAILkase iPhone 4 Case

Overall, I love the Scosche RAILkase iPhone 4 Case.  It offers tremendous protection, yet is still reasonably thin and lightweight. I’ve actually had this review model for a long time, and unlike some cases this one is built to last even with plenty of use and abuse. Also, it looks really nice, with the aluminum giving it a really high end appearance. The pictures here don’t do it justice, because it really does look fantastic.

Scosche RAILkase Review

Aircraft grade aluminum surrounds the outside of your device to defend against hard surfaces. The silicone interior reduces vibrations and shock – preventing them from ever reaching your iPhone. With a stainless steel quick release, RAILkase never requires any tools. Simply remove the aluminum rail to switch between black or white soft silicone interior and completely change the look of your case. With so much protection, it’s hard to imagine how RAILkase wouldn’t hinder cellular signal strength. The high impact polycarbonate bridge prevents signal loss – making sure that you never miss an important call or text.

Scosche RAILkase with R2-D2 Minifigure

Scosche RAILkase iPhone Case

  • Balances symbiotic protection with a visually stunning design.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum rail protects your iPhone from blunt force while the soft silicone interior absorbs impact.
  • Engineered with an ergonomic shape that rests comfortably and safely in your hand.
  • 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum provides superior protection for your device.
  • Whether you are camping, hiking or just walking to your car RAILkase has been fortified to guard against most potentially damaging situations.

It isn’t cheap, but the Scosche RAILkase for iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 is a fantastic case. Order one  for $59.99 at or for as low as $38 from or Choose blue, like GeekAlerts review model, or red, pink, silver, or black.

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