Acase Superleggera Pro Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Review

Acase Superleggera Pro Samsung Galaxy Siii Case

A while back GeekAlerts announced the Acase Superleggera Pro Cases available for popular phones including the iPhone 4 and Galaxy SIII. (Now with the release of the new iPhone, they are available for the iPhone 5 as well.) We described how Superleggera Pro cases provide dual layer protection without adding too much weight or bulk to your smartphone. In this Acase Superleggera Pro Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Review, we take a hands-on look at the SIII model to see  how it stands up in real life.

Some cases can be tricky to install, requiring you to twist at just the right angle to snap your phone in place. With the Acase Superleggera Pro, installation is super simple. First you put on the silicone layer, which is soft and easily slides on to cover the back and sides of your phone. Next you press on the hard poly carbonate layer, which simply snaps on to the soft silicone layer.

Acase Superleggera Pro Samsung Galaxy SIII Case Review

While some people want to make a fashion statement with their phone case, I simply want good protection without bulk or hassles. The Acase Superleggera Pro delivers in spades. Dual layer protection isn’t just a gimmick, it really works. The silicone layer is what provides the cushion to absorb the shock of a drop and avoid the sudden stop that can crack a screen or break internals. Yet just a silicone layer is insufficient, as I’ve learned from past phone cases. Over time they stretch to the point they no longer fit snugly. Silicone is also very grippy, make it tough to take take out of your pocket, especially if you are sitting.

Adding extra protection, and helping distribute the forces of a crash over a wider area of the silicone layer, is the polycarbonate layer. Luckily it is not plain polycarbonate, which is very hard and slippery. Rather, it is coated in a thin layer of rubber, giving it a more luxurious feel and just right amount of grip. It is easy enough to remove from your pocket, yet isn’t so slippery that it will slide right out when leaning back in a chair. Plain silicone tends to latch onto all the dust and lint and other hard cases are fingerprint magnets. Fortunately, the rubber coated top layer of the Superleggera Pro is dust, scratch, and fingerprint resistant.

Acase Superleggera Pro Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases

Some cases I’ve had only cover the sides and back of the phone. The Superleggera Pro wraps around to the front, offering protection even when the phone lands front first in a fall. This also prevents the screen from touching the surface and getting scratched up if you place your Siii screen side down on a table.

Despite all of this protection, the Superleggera Pro doesn’t add that much weight or bulk to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The silicone layer is apparently always black with the Superleggera Pro case. However, you do get a choice for the polycarbonate layer between black, white, blue, red, and purple. Our review sample was black, and I thought it looked very good with my Pebble Blue S3. With a white phone the white case with black silicone would make for a very cool, stormtrooper-esque design. (See the picture below, for what I call the Stormtrooper case.)

Acase Superleggera Pro Stormtrooper

This snap-on Samsung Galaxy S3 case is a great a combination of silicone and polycarbonate, which derived the “virtues” of both materials. The case part is made of silicone, the soft material gently protect the back-side of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The headphone Jack and charging port are capped with silicone pads, which prevent dusts from entering into the ports, and when in use, simply flip the silicone pads open. On the top of the silicone case is armored with a removable polycarbonate cover, and is sprayed with a layer of metallic-look rubber coating, which makes the case anti-scratch, fingerprint-proof, and dust-resistance

This case does not add bulk to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The rim is slightly higher than the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen, which protects the screen from scratches when putting it face down on the table. The Removable polycarbonate cover adds extra protection to your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Although the Gorilla Glass 2 in the Galaxy S3 is very scratch resistant, the S3 hasn’t stood up well in drop tests. Don’t leave your expensive phone unprotected when the Superleggera Pro offers excellent protection in a sleek package for a cheap price. The Acase Superleggera Pro Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 is available for just $14.95 at Get free shipping with $25 order.

Also available are versions of this case for the iPhone 4 and brand new versions for the iPhone 5 priced from only $5.95 at

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