Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 Case Review

Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 Case Review

In this Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 Case Review, we take a hands-on look at the new Aspira line of protective cases from Ballistic.  Although our samples were Ballistic Aspira cases for the iPhone 5, there are versions for other popular products and the review should apply quite well to the other Aspira cases available: iPhone 4/4s, iPad mini, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy S4, HTC One, and HTC First.

Ballistic is probably best known for their super-protective cases, such as the Ballistic SG Maxx I reviewed a while back.  While that case was awesome, it offers a level of protection far beyond most people’s needs at the expense of more bulk than most people want.  The Ballistic Aspira cases are much thinner and easy to pocket, while still offering very substantial protection.

One key to the excellent protection is that the cases are made of two materials: durable rubber and rigid plastic.  This allows it to absorb shocks and deflect impacts.  It stays thin by adding protection where it is most needed, such as the reinforced corners and the raised lip to protect the screen.  All of this results in much better protection than an average case, without too much additional weight or bulk.

This slimmer design makes it easy for the Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 case to slip into your pocket, but it also contributes to its sleeker look as well.  I happen to like the rugged, military-style look of the Ballistic SG Maxx, but it isn’t for everyone.  On the other hand, the Aspira cases come in 7 different colors/designs, offering something for almost everyone.  Women I showed it to especially liked the white and pick flower design, while my favorite was the black and gray honeycomb design.  (Both of these are pictured at the top, while other color choices are pictured below.)

Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 Case Colors

Ballistic Aspira Cases

You’ve asked for stylish, pocket-able protection in some amazing, fun colors & patterns and we’ve heard you loud and clear. We are proud to introduce the all new Aspira Series, tailored defense for your device. This dual layer series provides the industry leading protection Ballistic built its name on and combined it with the fashionable flare consumers want.

With excellent protection, multiple color options, and a sleek, easy-to-pocket form factor, the Aspria series cases from Ballistic are highly recommended.  Ballistic Aspira Cases are available at, where iPhone 5 versions are priced as low as $12.  Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 cases are also available for $34.99 direct from

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